Overseas Employment & Headhunter​

We help candidates match their qualifications and skills with the right job. We provide you with a wide spectrum of jobs across industries.

For partners looking for candidates, we handpicked only the best.


Education-Careers Collaboration

Introducing our innovative service: a collaborative platform connecting Thai students with opportunities for higher education abroad and subsequent employment with local companies. This unique program aims to provide students with a holistic experience post-graduate, enabling graduates a seamless transition into the professional world. Through our strategic partnerships, we bridge the gap between education and employment, offering a win-win solution for both companies seeking skilled talent and students eager to embark on successful careers.

Orientation and Training School​

RCW has been granted by the Ministry of Education to operate our own training school, where recruits can enhance their skills and learn more about cultures and lifestyles in destinated countries.

After the training, recruits will have to pass some tests, which upon passing, will receive certificates. The certificates will be proof that they have the qualifications and skills to excel at the job.