Orientation Staff

Is an important step in sending employees to work abroad There must be an orientation for employees to know the culture, traditions, prohibitions and precautions. more than knowledge skills on the job as well


A welder is a person who performs installation, maintenance, and fabrication of sheet metal and structural metal products. Metal structure work, machinery, etc., which this steel welder can also divide the level of steel welder into two levels as well, namely skilled technicians and technical technicians.


Plaster work is considered an old craftsman’s work. one of those in Siam in this country This should be evident from the ancient remains of the Jetiya place, the type of masonry and mortar used to cover various parts. Elaborately showing the skill and ability of a high class plasterer, but evidence of the origin of the old plasterer That doesn’t fight. There is evidence of other things. show that they are technicians who is the creator Unless the form that shows the craftsmanship is deposited only


1. Curing brick blocks by pouring water to be moderately moist.

2. Mix general cement with clean water in the right ratio.

3. Starting to build the first floor, use a trowel to scoop the plaster onto the area to be built with a length equal to the length of the brick block. Then spread it to form a triangular ridge, then bring the brick blocks down, with the side facing up to build the next layer must be the opaque side only.


Leading Culinary Education Institution in ASEAN offering certificate courses in the French cooking techniques course “Classic Cycle Program” and “The Professional Thai Cuisine Program”

Training site for reinforced concrete beam column construction

Training content of reinforced concrete construction site A brick house needs a nano. and retaining wall

content :

– Structural Design Design (Code)
– Properties of the reasons for choosing such as reinforced concrete, wood, steel, cold-rolled steel
– mechanics of materials
– Tests to help concrete over soil timber (Slump Test, Compressive Strenght, Tensile Streght ….etc )
– Methods for calculating building structures, various methods used in Thailand and around the world.
– Determine the weight of the building builder (Dead Load, Live Load) for benefits and actual use in Thailand.
– restore power in building structures, columns, beams, foundations, stairs, roof structures, piles
– Cross Cell Knit Memory (Truss Analysis)
– Soil and Foundation (Foundation)
– brick retaining wall (calculation of retaining walls)
– Reinforcing steel columns, basic beams, stair foundations, correct piles
– Workshop sketches for reinforcing steel columns, beams, stairs, foundations, edited.
– Behavior of buildings, columns, beams (columns and beams) and load-bearing (bearing walls)
– Determining the size of the foundation, the distance of the piles
– Space between pillars for building door openings
– Determine the compressive strength of Cube and Cylender concrete.
– Vacuum range, undercarriage, covered with steel
– pouring concrete
– Removing curing concrete